Recruiting Reviewers for a CP 2 Spanish CBT Exam Review

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Signup Deadline: 02-14-2018
Starts: 02-15-2018
Ends: 02-15-2018
Location: 15835 Park Ten Place, Houston, TX 77084 volunteer opportunity location


The NACE Institute is seeking 3-4 volunteers from the following regions: South America, Central America, North America, and Spain, with a CP 2 or higher certification to review the Spanish CP 2 CBT exam. We would like to review the CP 2 exam for grammatical errors, translation quality and ensure the appropriate technical terms are used.

Once we get our group of four, we will determine a date that works best for everyone to travel to HQ in Houston, TX to review the exam in-person. The deadline to be considered for this opportunity is February 15th.

**Economy priced travel expenses will be reimbursed by NACE


  • We need fluent Spanish and English speaking individuals. One person from each of the following regions: South America, Central America, North America and Spain. We would like to hold a workshop to review the CP 2 exam for translation quality.
  • Fluent in English & Spanish includes both reading & writing ability.


  • Must hold a current CP 2, CP 3 or CP 4 certification.
  • Must be fluent in English & Spanish (includes reading and writing).
  • Must be willing to travel to HQ once 

Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)




Theresa Collins

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