Coating Applicator CBT Pilot/Beta Exam

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Signup Deadline: 10-09-2018
Starts: 10-10-2018
Ends: 10-10-2018


The NACE institute is seeking individuals working as a  Coating Applicator  to participate in taking a Pilot/Beta exams (written and practical) for Coating Applicator certification.  We are looking for coating applicators to take these beta exams so that we can validate that they are indeed measuring the knowledge, skills, and abilities of coating applicators in a way that is fair and unbiased.  There is no fee for you to complete the exams and obtain the certification should you volunteer.  Anyone who takes the written exam will also need to take the practical exam but it is not yet final. Travel may be require to complete the practical exam and we would cover that expense for you.  If you successfully complete the exams, you will receive the Coating Applicator certification!  The written CBT exam can be done at an approved Pearson testing center near you.  If you have any questions please contact Theresa Collins at

Must be working as a Coating Applicator, not upper management.

Understand English
Coating Applicator Experience
Uninterrupted participation for 2.5 hours for CBT exam at an approved Pearson testing center and later the Practical Exam, location TBD.

Location: At an approved Pearson testing center near you

Date: between August 15 - September 4, 2018.

Volunteers Needed:

50 (48 open slots)




Theresa Collins